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We are proud to offer DMK Skincare products for professional at-home skincare.

Welcome to Skin Boutique, located in the beautiful South Hills district of Pittsburgh, PA. We specialize in custom skin care treatments, providing advanced custom facials, microcurrent anti-aging treatments, LED light therapy, and professional makeup applications.

Our services cater to a wide range of skin concerns, including aging, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scarring, and general skin health maintenance. We are particularly renowned for our expertise in aging and pigmentation treatments.

DMK Skincare Cleansers in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique

DMK Cleansers

Not all skin is the same, and that is why DMK has a variety of different cleansers to suit different skin types and conditions. The purpose of cleansing the skin is to clear away dirt, dead skin, and excess oil, whilst also hydrating and soothing. DMK’s collection of cleansers aims to nourish the skin and balance the complexion, so read below to find one right for you.

DMK Serums

DMK’s Serums are designed to penetrate deeply into the skin working at cellular level to restore healthy skin functioning and stimulate cell growth. They are designed for use on any skin type, both and male and female, young or old and can be used in combination with other DMK products for better results

DMK Serums For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique
DMK Hydrating Sprays & Spritzes In Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique

DMK Hydrating Sprays

Crèmes Don’t Moisturize – Only Nature Does! This is why our unique DMK Hydrating Sprays are naturally designed to imitate nature by closely resembling the precious Acid Mantle of your skin. The Acid Mantle is the protective barrier on the surface of the skin that consists of natural oil and water secretions produced by the sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin.

DMK Oils

DMK’s Oils are made from a fine blend of herbal oils and vitamin E, designed to penetrate deep within the skin to nourish dehydrated, dry, and rough skin conditions. This helps to prevent loss of hydration, which can cause roughness, flakiness, red skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of bounce and firmness in the skin. 

DMK Oils Herbal and Pigment Oil Seba E For Sale In Pittsburgh PA Skin Boutique
DMK Nourishing Creams For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique

DMK Nourishing Creams

Using a multitude of active ingredients, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and super antioxidants, DMK Nourishing Creams can penetrate deep into the skin, assisting natural collagen production and restoring a more youthful-looking appearance.

DMK Eye & Neck

It revises wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles and puffy bags while hydrating and softening the skin blood supply to the wounded area. Eye Tone plumps up the skin and rebuilds the fragile skin around the eye and neck area by promoting normal cellular proliferation, strengthening fragile capillaries and reducing dark circles.

DMK Eye Tone For Sale in Pittsburgh PA Skin Boutique
DMK Sunscreen For Sale In Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique

DMK Protection

DMK’s signature sunscreen protects the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays that contribute to premature aging and pigmentation. DMK Sunscreen is formulated with a water-resistant base that is light, non-greasy, and is perfect for acne, oily skin well as dry, dehydrated, mature skin.

DMK Body

A hand and foot cream designed for callused, dry, and cracked skin. Calerase cream maintains smooth skin on the feet between MediPedi® treatments. Its strong desquamating properties minimize dry and dead skin, can be used on the feet and hands as a cuticle cream.

DMK Calerase Body Products For Sale In Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique
DMK Melanotech Drops Red Vein For Sale In Pittsburgh PA Skin Boutique

DMK Specialty

A range of standalone products that target very specific skin concerns. These products can be used at home or in-clinic for professional use. They are suitable for any skin type, both male and female. The DMK Specialty range addresses skin problems such as dark circles around the eyes, red veins, blemishes, skin irritations, acne, and sun protection.

DMK Masks

Looking for home treatment ideas? We’ve got you covered!
Help your skin glow with a gentle exfoliant before your at-home masque, such as our Micro Peel. Use Micro Peel before Hydrating Masque or Acu-Masque for a radiant complexion.

DMK Acu Masque Foamy Lift Hydrating Masque Micro Peel - Skin Boutique in Pittsburgh, PA
DMK Efa Supplements in Pittsburgh PA Skin Boutique

DMK Supplements

The DMK efa+ supplements are a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9, derived from evening primrose and sea buckthorn oils. DMK efa’s are required for the structure of all membranes in the body. DMK efa’s “waterproof” the skin, maintaining the barrier of the skin impermeable.

DMK The Enbioment™ System

The Enbioment™ Microbiome Probiotic System was designed to neutralize the skin’s pH level with rich anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property ingredients like olive fruit oil, snow mushroom, green tea, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The new The Enbioment™ Microbiome System includes three individual products.

The Enbioment™ System For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique
DMK MD At Home Skincare For Sale in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique


The DMK MD (Master Delivery) Home Prescriptive range represents the application of principles and functions found in biological systems to produce scientific-based solutions! The DMK MD range offers aesthetic efficacy in a cross-sectional domain, where mid-spectral dermatology conditions are addressed through in-clinic professional procedures and Home Prescriptives!

DMK Fundamentals Kit

Discover the transformative power of DMK Skin Revision with our DMK Fundamentals Kits! These 30-day treatment kits are your gateway to experiencing DMK’s renowned 4 Step Concept: REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN. Get ready to witness real results as you embark on your skincare journey. Each kit includes everything you need for a professional DMK Enzyme masque treatment, as well as a one-month supply of DMK Home Prescriptives for your personalized at-home care. Whether you’re dealing with acne, aging, or pigmentation concerns, our Fundamentals Kits offer an affordable, user-friendly solution that delivers excellent results.

DMK Fundamentals Kits in Pittsburgh, PA - Skin Boutique

How To Purchase DMK Skincare at Skin Boutique

DMK Skincare is only sold through a professional. If you are interested in purchasing any of our DMK Skincare products, but don’t have an appointment scheduled with us, no problem! Use the button below to schedule a 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our skincare professionals. This will give you a dedicated, private time to talk over your goals, find the perfect products, and take home your DMK Skincare products. 

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